Union Pacific SD70M 4014 and Big Boy 4014 Journey Toward Cheyenne

Nearly one year ago Craig Walker captured the Union Pacific ‘Big Boy’ 4-8-8-4 as it was lead east toward Cheyenne, WY from its starting point in the  UP West Colton Yard earlier in the day.  The massive ‘Big Boy’ #4014 was being moved from it longtime home in Pomona CA to Cheyenne where the historic locomotive is currently being rebuilt and restored for future excursion train service with its stable mate the UP 844 and 3985.

I asked Craig to share a few of his images with us so we could help you understand the relevance to the Union Pacific EMD SD70M #4014  (of the same number of the 4-8-8-4) that lead the historic ‘Big Boy’ west along with EMD SD70M #4884 (note…the road number is the wheel arrangement of the Big Boy).

Overland Hobbies is offering the Union Pacific SD70M #4014 as it is detailed here with the Big Boy in HO scale for delivery in late 2016.  Please follow the link to our site to place your pre-order by March 26, 2016.

UP 4014 Craig Walker
In this view from Craig Walker I have cropped the image to show off the UP SD70M #4014 and UP #4884 as they transport the UP Big Boy east.
Here is the full view of the modern EMD SD70Ms powering the Big Boy east through Southern California.  Craig Walker image
Union Pacific SD70M 4014 leads the Big Boy 4014 ferry move from West Colton Yards up to the top of Cajon Pass as they near the Summit.  The train will continue to head east and soon be serviced in Victorville, CA.  Craig Walker image
UP SD70M 4014, Big Boy 4014, and UP SD70M 4884 pass through Oro Grande California with the TXI Cement plant in the background making for a great contrast with the armour yellow locomotives and passenger cars against the cement gray surroundings.  Craig Walker image
Craig Walker captured this image as the Big Boy makes its intial move from the Los Angeles Country Fairplex where some visitors brought their classic cars to pose in front of the ‘classic’ Union Pacific 4014 as they moved toward their connection with active rail on the northern edge of the Fair Complex. 

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