New From American Limited Models – TRINITY 3281 2-Bay Covered Hoppers

Overland Hobbies is pleased to announce the arrival of a great looking group of TRINITY 3281 2-Bay Covered Hoppers in HO scale.  The TRINTIY 3281 2-Bay Hoppers cars transport high-density products such as cement, roof granules and sand like that used in fracking or glass making.  These cars are perfect for modelers operating the 1990s forward.

American Limited Models TRINITY 3281 CIMENT QUEBEC version features patched reporting marks, an attractive logo and yellow conspicuity stripes.

The cars can be found throughout the United State of America and Canada.  This release includes models for Norfolk Southern (12 road numbers), Iowa Chicago & Eastern/ GATX (8 road numbers), Winchester and Western Railroad (12 road numbers) , Ciment Quebec/ NRLX (12 road numbers) and Halliburton/ HWCX Pink cars (7 road numbers).  The HWCX pink cars really stand out and apparently the color was selected in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Norfolk Southern TRINITY 3281 2-Bay Covered Hopper. Product numbers ALM1049 through ALM1060.

The cars are beautifully detailed with all kinds of lettering, attractive paint and roofwalks that are nice and smooth for the five models I selected to photograph.  Couplers are factory installed and the horn has been clipped to give a more realistic appearance.  Each paint scheme and road number has been researched and data and its placement matched to the prototype.  The models also feature either three- or five-round roof hatches as per the prototype…in this production only the IC&E/ GATX car have five roof hatches and all others have three round hatches.

TRINITY 3281 2-Bay Hopper roof detail showing the 5-round roof hatch version in the front ICE/ GATX model and the 3-round roof hatch version for the Norfolk Southern version.

Below you will find a short image video showing all of the models offered in this second production from American Limited Models and available from Overland Hobbies while supplies last.

I hope that you might find these models of interest and visit our Overland Hobbies site to make your purchase today while the models are available.

Winchester and Western Railroad shows of the non-brake end of the car.


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